"To Vima tou Asklipiou" Journal (Rostrum of Asclepius in english) is ambitious to disseminate information, scholarship and experience in education, practice and investigation between medicine, nursing and all the sciences involved in health care. Aim of journal is to supply scientists of health with resources in order to provide the scientific knowledge, intellection and research and especially to improve health status and quality of care for individuals, families and communities.

"To Vima tou Asklipiou" is a quarterly publication of Department of Nursing, in Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece. The journal's first issue release was in 2002 and since 2007, it is published online only. Journal's articles are peer reviewed.

"To Vima tou Asklipiou" publishes original papers, reviews, special and general articles, case studies etc.


  • "Rostrum"= [Latin, noun: An ancient Roman platform for public orators, a stage for public speaking, a raised platform on a stage]. Greek word: "Βήμα" (Vima).
  • "Asclepius"= [The god of medicine and healing in ancient Greek mythology]. Greek word: "Ασκληπιός" (Asklipios).