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The importance of lifestyle changes after coronary artery bypass
(Editorial article is available only in Greek)

Kadda Olga, RN, MSc, PhD(c), Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center

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1. Assessment and undertreatment of postoperative pain. Myth or reality?

Sarakatsianou Chamaidi

R.N, MSc, PhD(c), Anesthesiology Department, University Hospital of Larisa, Laboratorial Collaborator of Nursing, Technological Educational Institute of Larisa, Greece

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2. Flu vaccination in pregnancy

Siettou Maria1, Saridi Maria2

1. RM , ΜΑ, Health Center of Kapandriti, Greece
2. RN, BSc, MSc, PHD©, Director of Nursing, General Hospital of Korinthos, Greece

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3. Motivation theories of medical staff in hospitals

Kanellopoulos Dimitrios

Ph.D. student, Academy of economic studies, Bucharest, Romania

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4. The theological and legal approach of prenatal and preimplantation genetic control

Katsimigas George1, Kamba Evridiki2

1. Register Nurse, Theologian, PhD, Professor, 1ο EPAL Salaminas, Piraeus
2. Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing A΄, Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens, Greece

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5. Financial crisis. How it affects the public health and health systems

Maliarou Maria1, Sarafis Pavlos2

1. Captain, MSc, PhD(c), Laboratory Collaborator in TEI of Larissa, Head Nurse of the Microbiological Laboratory in 404 General Military Hospital of Larissa
2. Laboratory Instructor, Department of Nursing, TEI of Larissa

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1. Pain in the elderly and awareness of complementary therapies: a questionnaire based survey

Mantoudi Alexandra1, Eftihidou Eleni2

1. RGN, RMN, MSc, Scientific Associate, ATEI Athens
2. Assistant Professor, General Department of Essential Medical Subjects, Faculty of Health & Caring Professions, ATEI Athens

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2. Role ambiguity and role conflict among employees in a provincial public hospital

Ifanti Eleni1, Gketsios Giannis2, Naka Fotini3, Mastrapa Evangelia4, Tsiriga Sofia5, Petropoulou Zoe6

1. Health Visitor, MSc, G.H. Karpenisi
2. Health Visitor, G.H. Karpenisi
3. Health Visitor, Center of Mental Health, G.H. Karpenisi
4. Health Visitor, MSc, Health Center Stylidas, G.H. Lamias
5. Health Visitor, MSc, Health Center Stylidas, G.H. Lamias
6. Health Visitor, Health Center Stylidas, G.H. Lamias

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3. Alzheimer's disease and stigmatization

Fountouki Antigoni1, Τoulis Stavros2, Νousi Aggeliki2, Kosmidis Dimitrios3, Theofanidis Dimitrios4

1. RN, MSc, «AΧΕPΑ» General Hospital
2. RN
3. RN, MSc, General Hospital OF KAVALA
4. RN, MSc, Lecturer, Nursing Department, ATEI

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4. The association of nursing students' mobile phone dependence with their health behaviors: a pilot study

Bellali Chr. Thalia1, Mastrokostas G. Athanasios2, Gkrizioti Chr. Maria2, Avramika G. Maria1, Tileniki Ar. Kyriaki3

1. Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing, "Alexandreio" Technological Educational Institute, Thessaloniki
2. CPT, RN, ΜSc, 424 M.H.TH
3. Psychologist, ΜSc, Public Company of Social Protection and Solidarity of Municipality of Pylea-Chortiatis

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5. Factors that influence student΄s behaviour concerning lessons attendance in Nursing Department of Technological Institute of Athens

Kalogiani Antonia1, Stergianis Pantelis2, Intas George3, Argyriou George4, Fasoi Georgia5, Kadda Olga4, Kamba Evridiki6, Kelesi Martha5

1. Laboratory instructor, Nursing Department A΄, Technological Institute of Athens, Greece
2. RN, MSc, PhD(c), Nursing School of Athens
3. RN, MSc, PhD, Nursing School of Athens
4. RN, MSc, PhD(c), Medical School of Athens
5. Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing Β΄, Technological Institute of Athens, Greece
6. Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing Α΄, Technological Institute of Athens, Greece

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6. Factors which affect the occurrence of nursing errors in medication administration and the errors' management

Mitsis Dimitrios1, Kelesi Martha2, Kapadohos Theodore3

1. RN, MSc, Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center
2. RN, Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing B, Technological Institute (T.E.I.) of Athens, Greece
3. RN, MSc, PhD(c)

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